About us

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Vitale Functies Opleidingen (Vital Signs Training) is the experienced, dynamic, enthousiastic and flexible partner for all your First aid, C.P.R./A.E.D. and other security training.

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Qualifications and registrations

We are fully certified and registered by the following institutions and our courses are conform to their guidelines:

  • The Orange Cross (Het Oranje Kruis)
  • The Dutch Resuscitation Council (De Nederlandse Reanimatie Raad)
  • The European Resuscitation Council
  • The Dutch Institute for Company First Aid (NIBHV)
  • The Dutch Red Cross
  • DAN Europe & International
  • The Dutch Organisation of First Aid Instructors (De Nederlandse Organisatie Docenten E.H.B.O.)
  • The International Liaison Committee On Resuscitation.
  • The Chamber of Commerce of The Hague No 27340192 (Kamer van Koophandel Haaglanden).



Certified professional casualties are part of certain courses. Their task is to simulate the reality of certain situations and accidents. They can simulate wounds and act out complaints which match precisely the condition of a real casualty.


Our vision:

  • All parties to a course form ONE team: students, casualties, instructor. They work together to achieve a single aim: a successful and satisfied team.


  • The theoretical part of the course/training is given via Powerpoint presentations and other material.
  • You do not only learn what to do in some situations but also why you need to apply certain techniques and not others. In our opinion, medical background information and understanding of the casualty’s condition are important factors.


  • First Aid is an “ACTION” subject. This is why we allocate maximum individual attention to the practice of the techniques.
  • You can be confident that you will truly be able to assist a casualty in a safe and efficient way.
  • During the course, students practice with professional casualties and with each other.

Course material:

  • The costs of all course material are included in the tuition fee per student.
  • Each course uses specific course material.
  • By material, you can think of: course book, use of the resuscitation dummy, A.E.D. trainer, Act Fast Choking trainer, bandages, hand-outs.
  • All course material is available in English, Dutch, French.


Diploma / certificate:

  • All our courses carry an official diploma or certificate.
  • For the non-certified courses/training, students receive a certificate of attendance.

In-company / at your own venue

All our courses /training, from 6  participants onwards, can take place in-company/at your own venue. Our instructor comes to your venue with all the necessary material. You only need to reserve a suitable room (with power, a couple of tables for the material and enough chairs for the participants). Also at your home for your family, friends and neighbours.

Should you wish for another venue, we could organise it.


Times and dates

We plan all courses and training in cooperation with you. We offer the following possibilities: during the day, in the evening, on a Saturday.

Tailor-made trainings available.



For individual participants:

Did you know that your Health Insurance company will often refund the cost of our certified courses?

Go to the site www.zorgplanet.nl and click on EHBO right above to see which health insurance company offers a refund for First Aid courses.

Always look at the conditions of your insurance policy to see if you truly can benefit from a refund. If in doubt, consult your insurance company.

How do I claim for my course from my insurance company?

  • First you follow the course and pay for it.
  • After payment, you receive an invoice.
  • You print the invoice in colour (otherwise it will be seen as a copy) and send it to your insurance company with a copy of your First Aid Diploma or Certificate from the Orange Cross.


To register for a course

Look at our complete curriculum and contact us via the Contact form on the CONTACT page. You are of course welcome to ask for a free estimate.


In conclusion

Vitale Functies Opleidingen is proud of its excellent pass rate for all certified courses and of its quality tuition.

You are welcome at all our courses and training.