B.H.V. & V.C.A.


(B.H.V./ Bedrijfshulpverlening)

BHV materiaal


It is the employer’s responsibility to provide good working conditions for his employees so that there is no negative impact on their health, safety and well-being.

According to the Labour Laws, the Risk Inventary and Evaluation process (RI&E) forms the starting point in the setting up of a company emergency response organisation.

Vitale Functies Opleidingen offers you and your employees the official courses and diplomas of NIBHV (Nederlandse Instituut voor Bedrijfshulpverlening) in-company. The instructors and equipment of Vitale Functies Opleidingen come to your workplace, work within your specific environment and according to your needs. This is for you cost effective!


Emergency Response Basic Training

The complete Emergency Response Basic Training consists of 4 modules which can be organised in 2 days but also in 4 separate sessions (total of 16 hours).

First Aid

–         How to provide First Aid for:

  • External wounds;
  • Burns;
  • Fractures;
  • Eye injuries.

Acute First Aid

–         How to assess a dangerous situation and take appropriate measures to ensure safety;

–         How to transport a casualty in emergency situations;

–         How to assess a casualty;

–         How to keep a casualty calm;

–         How to call the emergency services efficiently;

–         How to provide First Aid and C.P.R. with the A.E.D. (defibrillator):

  • Consciousness disorders;
  • Breathing disorders;
  • Circulation disorders;
  • External haemorrage;
  • Shock.

Basic Firefighting

–         How to contain and fight a fire in its early stages;

–         How to use safety appliances;

–         To know and recognise the most important functions of fire prevention measures and appliances;

–         Fire and the fire triangle;

–         How to recognise the stages of development of a fire.

Evacuation and communication

–         Evacuation procedures;

–         How to use the safety equipment;

–         Knowledge of the evacuation plan and its objectives;

–         Knowledge and use  of the escape routes;

–         Knowledge of the application of the emergency  systems in case of evacuation;

–         How to report a fire or accident efficiently;

–         Internal communication procedures;

–         Information provision to the emergency services.

Evac Chair

Refresher Emergency Response Basic Training

The Basic Emergency Response diploma is proof for the employee as well as for the
employer that the employee has command of the required knowledge and skills.

It is necessary  for the employee to practice the acquired skills on a regular or yearly basis in order to be able to perform his task efficiently and safely.

Thanks to the refresher training, the employer shows that he complies with his legal

The BHV/Emergency Response diploma is therefore valid for one year and can be extended if the employee has followed a yearly refresher training.

Duration of training: 1 day or 2 separate sessions (total of 8 hours).


Emergency Response Teamleader Training

The teamleader’s task consists of the following activities:

–         To evaluate the safety of the workplace;

–         To lead the intervention of the company Emergency Response Team;

–         To practice with the company Emergency Response Team;

–         To evaluate and report on the intervention and practice session;

–         To check and manage the emergency response equipment.

Duration of training: 2 days (non-consecutive). The trainee teamleader needs to carry out a task between the 2 days.

Previous required training: Emergency Response Basic Training.


In-company Emergency Response Practical Simulation

Vitale Functies Opleidingen offers your Emergency Response Team the possibility to train during realistic scenarios made to measure to reflect the risks in your workplace.

Professional casualties and specific equipment are part and parcel of the emergency

A simpler but just as realistic simulation can be created with an extended Table-top
exercise. The knowledge and skills of your Emergency Response Team can be put
to the test in practice. In addition, a Table-top simulation is a good and informative team-building event.

An evaluation always take place at the end of the simulation training. It can form
the basis for the next refresher training. Our slogan: “There is no such thing as a mistake, everything is a learning experience!”.


Tailor-Made for your Emergency Response Team

Just as your team, your emergency response equipment needs to be ready for action to help one or more casualties.

Vitale Functies Opleidingen is ready to work with you at very competitive prices to check and if necessary update regularly your First Aid boxes and equipment.



Table top oefeningEmergency vehicles




Health, safety and well-being in the workplace  are important to prevent accidents and illnesses. Employees and employers share responsibility and have their respective tasks in the matter.

Vitale Functies Opleidingen offers you and your employees the official courses and diplomas of NIBHV (Nederlandse Instituut voor Bedrijfshulpverlening) in-company. This is for you cost effective!


Basic VCA Training

The Basic VCA Training is meant for all employees and contractors in the building sector and other related work areas. Other related professions are very often asked to
obtain this diploma. In most cases, your employees will be denied access to the
work areas if they are not in possession of a valid VCA and/or VOL-VCA diploma.

Some of the following topics are part of the VCA course: rules and regulations, risks and accident prevention, dangerous substances, fires and explosions, working in
enclosed spaces, machines and tools, lifting and hauling, tripping, sliding and
falling, working at heights, electricity and personal protective equipment.


The Basic VCA examination consists of 40 multiple choice written questions.

The VCA diploma is valid for 10 years.


Training Safety for Operational Managers (VOL-VCA)

The training Safety for Operational Managers VOL-VCA consists of a module integrated in the VCA training course material.


The VOL- VCA examination consists of 60 multiple choice written questions.

The VOL-VCA diploma is valid for 10 years.





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